Reena Agarwal


Reena Agarwal is a Canadian Citizen. She is a graduate from Mumbai University and Post Graduate from the University of Canada. She is also an expert in the IT field with a work experience of approx. 15 years in Canada. Her core competency is in assisting clients to complete documentation and acquiring all permits needed to facilitate their move to another country. She is also an expert in relocating clients to a specific area, or to multiple regions of Canada. She keeps an updated tab on new or alterations to immigration laws.

She has a flair of meeting prospective clients to gauge which services they require. She would provide clients with all pertinent documentation by assisting them with the completion of paperwork, and ensuring that this is submitted on time. She checks and rechecks by verifying the authenticity of paperwork and supporting documents. Due to her in-depth knowledge of Canada, she assists in medical checkups, appropriate accommodations, transportations to ensure the safety and legality of clients. Her fundamental focus is strict observance of all applicable deadlines by being Solution-oriented in compliance.