Sportsperson Visa Tier 2

Sportsperson Visa (Tier 2)
A person can apply for a Sportsperson Visa (Tier 2) if all the following conditions are satisfied:
- He is an elite sportsperson or qualified coach.
- His sport’s governing body is endorsing his application.
- His employment will develop the sport in the UK at the highest level.
- He is from outside the European Economic Area and Switzerland.
- He satisfies all the other eligibility requirements.
Application Process Time:
- Three months before Travel.
- Minimum time for a decision: three weeks.
Fees Structure:
Applying outside UKExtending/switching in UK
Each Dependants£610/£704/-

- Healthcare surcharge applies separately.
- Three years.
- Extendable up to another three years with a maximum stay of six years.
The Applicants Can:
- Work for the sponsor in the job described in the sponsorship certificate
- Do a second job in certain circumstances 
- Bring Family Members.
- The study provided that it does not interfere with the sponsored job.
- Do voluntary work.
- Travel abroad and return to the UK.
- Work as a sports broadcaster.
- Play for his national team in the UK.
The Applicants Cannot:
- Get public funds.
- Start or run a business
- Apply for a second job until they have started working for their sponsor.
- Valid certificate of sponsorship.
- Knowledge of English.
- Sufficient personal funds to support themselves when arriving in the UK.
- Show they can travel and their travel history over the past five years.
- TB test results.
- It is possible to switch to a Sportsperson Visa (Tier 2) if the Applicant is in the UK on another visa.
Documents Required:
- Certificate of sponsorship reference number.
- Letter of endorsement from the sport's governing body of the Applicant.
- Proof of knowledge of English.
- Bank statement to show personal savings.
- Current and valid passport.
- Expired passport(s) to show travel history.
- TB test results.
Online application with Bio-Metric at Visa Application Centre