General Working Visa

General Working Visa Notes
The General Working Visa (Tier 2) is for Applicants
- From outside the European Economic Area and Switzerland 
- Who have been offered a skilled job in the UK
- Whose employer is a licensed sponsor
Application Process Time:
- Three months before travel.
- Minimum time for a decision: Three weeks. This period can be reduced to between two and five working days for applications to extend or switch to this visa in the UK (on paying a fee of £500 or £800 respectively)
Fees Structure:
- The fee for a Tier 2 Work visa depends on where the Applicant is situated when making the application and the type of visa, including whether it is for a job where there is a shortage of workers in the UK e.g. doctors, psychologists and vets.
- Up to three years
Applying outside UKExtending/switching in UK
Each Dependants£610/£704/-

- Up to three years - shortage occupation in the UK
Each Dependant£404/-£404/-

- More than three years
Each Dependant£1220/-£1408/-

- More than three years - shortage occupation
Each Dependant£928/-£928/-

- Healthcare surcharge applies separately 
- A maximum of five years and 14 days or the time given on the certificate of sponsorship plus one month (whichever is shorter).
- The visa can be extended for up to another five years provided that the Applicant’s total stay does not exceed six years.
Applicants Can:
- Work for the sponsor in the job described in the sponsorship certificate
- Do a second job in certain circumstances 
- Bring Family Members.
- The study provided that it does not interfere with the sponsored job.
- Do voluntary work.
- Travel abroad and return to the UK.
Applicants Cannot:
- Own more than 10 percent of their sponsor's shares (unless their annual salary exceeds £159,600).
- Obtain public funds
- Apply for a second job until the Applicant has started working for his sponsor.
- Have a valid certificate of sponsorship for his job.
- Show he is being paid an appropriate salary for his job (at least £30,000 a year) or the "appropriate rate" for the job, whichever is higher.
- Have sufficient knowledge of English.
- Have personal savings so he can support himself in the UK (£945 in his bank account for 90 days before applying).
- Show he can travel and his travel history over the last five years.
- Obtain TB test results.
- Already be in the UK under certain Tier 1, Tier 2 or Tier 4 visas in order to switch to a General Working Visa (Tier 2).
Documents Required:
- The applicant’s certificate of sponsorship reference number.
- Proof of knowledge of English.
- Proof that the Applicant has enough personal savings (unless the certificate of sponsorship shows the sponsor can support the Applicant).
- Current valid passport.
- TB test results. - Criminal record certificate - if the Applicant is working with vulnerable people.
Online Application with Bio-Metric at Visa Application Centre