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About The Company

At Euro Brit Solicis, we understand that the decision to immigrate is a tough one. To move from one’s country of origin involves tremendous thought, weighing of options and whether questions like visa types, visa duration, ease of the process, pre-requisites for a visa, expenses, quality of life, employment opportunities, cost of living, culture, language, weather and so much more are adequately answered.
Euro Brit Solicis is an Immigration Consultancy Company in Mumbai, India and is a subsidiary of the award-winning Solicis Lex law firm. With a grounding in varied legal solutions based on years of experience, we bring to the table existing core values such as expertise, strong ethics, personal attention, quick response time and high-quality service.
Individuals in India and across the globe, looking to immigrate to countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Portugal are offered seamless, hassle-free immigration consultancy visa services at Euro Brit Solicis.
Our team of advisors include national as well international legal, financial and immigration professionals. Euro Brit Solicis advisors are well versed in the laws of several nations and ensure comprehensive support on immigration procedures. Euro Brit Solicis experts provide complete legal and financial assistance, project research and review, drafting of pleadings and documentation.
Your future belongs to a better world. Partner with Euro Brit Solicis to ensure your journey starts in the best way possible.